Jumat, 11 Februari 2011


Dear my ex…
U know what my feeling for u right now? Really miss.
 I miss when u say “I love u” for me.
I miss when u say “I miss u” for me
I miss when u send msg for me every morning and say “Good morning J
I miss when u always make me happy everyday
I miss when u really care bout me
This all just story.
Now, u already move on with her
Now, u already love her
Now, u already forget the memories when u with me.
Now, u already forget me
I want back to the time when u with me
I know, u don’t care anymore about me

U know what?
I’m still love u
U know what?
I miss u
U know what?
I’m jealous when u with her
U know what?
I need u now..

Sometimes u make me happy
Sometimes u make me laugh
Sometimes u make me SAD
Sometimes u make me cry
Sometimes u make me angry
Sometimes u make me jealous
Its all because of you

U said, u don’t make me hurt anymore
U said, u don’t make me disappointed
You lie!
Now, u make me hurt!
Now, u make me disappointed!
Where u promise?!
You lied!:’(

I’m always try to move on but is very hard
I’m always try to forget u but is very hard
I’m always try to hate u but is very hard
I’m always try to stop loving u but is very hard
I’m just want to show my feeling for u
Eventhough maybe u don’t care bout it
I miss u…
</3 DAS </3

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